Patient stories and videos

The innovative care pioneered and delivered at University of Minnesota Medical Center has touched the lives of thousands of BMT patients over the last four decades. Click on one of the links below. Each tells the story of a patient who has benefited from the academic medicine and world-class patient care delivered through our BMT Program. 

Leah's story:
"My doctors just kept searching for solutions."

Dean's story:
Playing the "BMT Blues"

Terry's story:
"Everyday is a blessing."

Janice's story:
"Go out and live."

Janna's story:
"The day my life came back."

Heath's story:
"Getting a second chance at life."

Kory's story:
"Regular infusions of humor"

Kailan's story:
"I'm here, I'm alive and I'm going to get better."

Steve's story:
“Life might not be what is was before – it might be a lot better."