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University of Minnesota Medical Center is listed as one of Becker's Hospital Review 100 Hospitals and Health Systems With Great Oncology Programs.

Facing cancer, a stark choice: Dr. Todd Tuttle, University of Minnesota Medical School, talks on double mastectomy rates. New York Times

The Annual Report to the Nation on the status of cancer shows cancer rates dropping, but not for all tumor types. Time Health & Family

Everyone wants to be healthy and fight cancer, but creating a plan and seeing it through requires effort. Read a new article from registered dietitian Janelle Melgeorge Anderson on Fighting Cancer through Diet and Lifestyle.

Dr. Edward Greeno discusses thyroid cancer—what people need to know regarding symptoms, treatment and prevention. FOX 9 News at Five.

Four new studies offer powerful evidence of the dangers of smoking and the health benefits of quitting or not being exposed to secondhand smoke. Professor Rachel Huxley, School of Public Health commented on why these publications are coming out now. Forbes. CNN

Women Who Quit Smoking May Gain Up to 10 Years of Life: a recent study co-authored Rachel Huxley, School of Public Health, said. U.S. News & World Report. U.K. Telegraph. CBC Canada. TIME Healthland

Elderly female cancer survivors who eat well, stay active and live healthily have an almost 40% lower risk for death compared with women who do not follow these recommendations, said Maki Inoue-Choi, School of Public Health. Oncology Nurse Advisor.