Erik Peterson, MD

Erik Peterson, MD
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University Orthopaedic Therapy Center
First Floor, R102
2512 S. 7th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55454

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U.S. News & World Report 2012 Top Doctor


Burbach BJ, Srivastava R, Medeiros RB, O’Gorman WE, Peterson EJ, Shimizu Y. Distinct Regulation of Integrin-Dependent T Cell Conjugate Formation and NF-kB Activation by the Adapter Protein ADAP. J Immunol, Oct; 181(7): 4840-51, 2008.

Zhou L, Mendez F, Martin-Orozco N, and Peterson EJ. Defective positive selection results in T cell lymphopenia and increased autoimmune diabetes in ADAP deficient BDC2.5-BI/6 mice. Eur J Immunol, Apr; 38(4): 986-94, 2008.

Stoeckman A, Baechler E, Ortmann W, Behrens T, Michet C, Peterson EJ. A distinct inflammatory gene expression profile in patients with psoriatic arthritis, Genes Immun, Oct; 7(7):583-91, 2006.

Bilgic H, Ytterberg SR, Shreyasee A, McNallan KT, Wilson JC, Koeuth BS, Newman B, Bauer JW, Peterson EJ (corresponding author), Baechler EC, Reed AM. IL-17 and IFN-Regulated Genes and Chemokines Mark Disease Activity in Dermatomyositis. Arthritis and Rheumatism 2009.

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